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Orange Infused Vodka

GUYS, do you know what is in season right now? Blood oranges! I’ve never infused them, but stay tuned. I’ve started watching Dexter and I’m always a little too fascinated by the opening credits breakfast scene, especially the orange and … Continue reading

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Tastes Like Burning: Habanero-Infused Vodka & Tequila

I have a secret to share. When I was young I really did not like spicy-hot type foods. I believed, and sometimes continue to, that the whole obsession with making things hotter and hotter was just masculine posturing. “Why yes … Continue reading

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Cranberry Vodka & Why Frozen Is Sometimes Better

Cranberries are amazing little berries. Absurdly packed with antioxidants, low in sugar, and more tart than most citrus. Cranberry Vodka was also the first true infusion I ever had–at a Russian Restaurant many many years ago. Cranberries pose a bit … Continue reading

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Put Down that Powder Nonsense: Sour Mix Done Right

Sour mix is one of the more ubiquitous truly booze-centric mixers. It’s almost like a blank slate candification for your favorite spirit. You’ll find it available in three formats: powdered mix (like kool aid), bottled mixers, and fresh. Anything but … Continue reading

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Clove: The Nice Spice

One thing I’m working on, along with infusions and too many other projects, is improving my “table-top studio” photography. I’ve been trying to start simple–glass full of liquid, arrange lighting, shoot, etc. The idea is to generally add layers of … Continue reading

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