Jalapeño Tequila and Homemade Triple Sec: DIY Spicy Margarita Kit

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m currently in a rather intense job-hunting process. Last week reached a bit of a peak–4 interviews! All went well and I have 3 followups already scheduled (the other pending, but looks good). I never thought I would be stressed by too many options. I’ll refrain from complaining too much 🙂

Too many options segues nicely to today’s post: gift giving. I recently scolded my mom for using a margarita mix (and rightfully so). Considering the types of places she also goes out to, I’m not certain she’s ever even had a proper margarita. Now, there are dozens upon dozens of recipes for a margarita–some will go with triple sec, others (self included) prefer a more refined orange liqueur like Grand Marnier. Then there’s the matter of using something like sweetened lime juice or fresh lime juice. Recently, I made one using orange-infused vodka and just a dash of lime-infused simple syrup which worked out quite nicely. I decided to give my mom a little “margarita basket” as a gift.

Considering my mom is used to the overly sweet mixes, I went the triple sec route. Here is what was in the basket (formulas will follow):

  • 12 oz jalapeno-infused tequila
  • 8 oz homemade triple sec
  • bag of 8 limes
  • small jar of kosher salt

I also included a simple recipe for making a margarita:

  • 2 parts tequila (I figured she has her own plain tequila)
  • 1 part triple sec
  • 1 part lime juice
  • lime wedge & kosher salt

Spread 1 – 2 tbsp of salt on a small plate. Rub lime wedge along the rim of a rocks glass or margarita glass, then dip it in the salt or sugar. Fill glass with ice. Shake all liquid ingredients with ice and strain into glass. Garnish with lime.

I also noted that shaking in ice is preferable but not required, and to try blending with a cup of frozen strawberries for a nice frozen.

I used nice bottles from a local stemware warehouse and a little spice jar for the salt. I had a leftover jicama shell I picked up while traveling that worked nicely as a basket.

Since my 5-year-old niece was visiting this past weekend, we had our family christmas already (I’m fairly certain 5-year-old girls are the true dictators of the world).

Jalapeño infused tequila


  • 3 cups tequila
  • 5 large, fresh jalapeños


  • Remove stem from peppers and slice in half lengthwise.
  • Combine peppers and tequila in a jar and shake well.
  • Store in a cool, dark place for 10 days (for maximum heat and flavor, you can always dilute with plain tequila to suit your taste).
  • Pour through a metal strainer and store in a cool, dark place. Will keep well for at least 6 months.

Triple Sec


  • 3 large oranges, juiced and zested (or peeled thinly so no white pith is removed)
  • 1.5 cups sugar
  • 2 cups vodka


  • Take juice and add enough water to make 2 cups of total liquid. In a small saucer, bring liquid, zest, and sugar to a light boil then simmer 3 minutes. Remove from heat and allow it to cool until it’s relatively cool (luke warm is good enough).
  • Combine liquid-sugar-zest with vodka in a jar. Seal and shake well.
  • Store in a cool, dark place for 2–4 weeks.
  • Pour through a metal strainer. I’ve kept mine stored in the cabinet with no problems for over 2 months (it’s still quite nicely fresh), but you could also refrigerate if you’re worried about the fresh juice.

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Failed science major turned to creative writing which led to a job as a bartender hack turned mixologist turned book editor turned writer who then went on to the world of International Corporate Communications. This is a bit getting back to his roots--that would be booze & science & rambling.
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6 Responses to Jalapeño Tequila and Homemade Triple Sec: DIY Spicy Margarita Kit

  1. Sarah P says:

    I had no idea triple sex had so much sugar! I’ll just stick to your tangerine vodka, I think…

  2. Good luck with the follow-ups! Will have to do some more infusing….this sounds amazing!

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