Infusing water with carbon dioxide: The Sodastream ;)

Between the holidays and multiple interviews, I’m about as frayed as one can get (said as I lay on my couch on a friday afternoon still in my PJs).

A few weeks ago I started up a big batch of Habanero Infused Tequila (one of the house favorites). Normally, I’ll update my Google calendar to remind me when to check in on things, but I figured with just one in process it wasn’t an issue.

Flash forward to yesterday when I was scouting around my cabinet and found the far…some 3+ weeks later.

In other news, I am now the proud owner of a Sodastream Sodamaker. We go through so much soda water (seltzer to us new englanders) that it made sense financially. And, being without a car (seriously, try lugging 4 gallons of water 3/4 of a mile) and being relatively environmentally conscious also supported such an acquisition. Also, my mom usually gives awful presents so directing her towards this was a great strategy.

Overall, we’re a bit in love. The bubbles are bigger and somewhat softer, but still quite plentiful. It is virtually an instant process from chilled tap water to bubbly goodness. One of the “soda flavor concentrates” is “energy” which tastes quite similar to red bull. I’ve rediscovered my love of rootbeer AND I actually like the diet varieties.

Thumbs up sodastream.



About Dazed & Infused

Failed science major turned to creative writing which led to a job as a bartender hack turned mixologist turned book editor turned writer who then went on to the world of International Corporate Communications. This is a bit getting back to his roots--that would be booze & science & rambling.
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