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Vanilla Infused Vodka and 5 other great vanilla infusions

Six supertasty infusions using vanilla. All incredibly simple, relatively foolproof, and unforgettable. Vanilla gets such a bad rap. Anything but boring or plain, vanilla is one of the most expensive food products in the world. Part of its bad rap … Continue reading

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Thyme Infused Vodka

We always need more thyme and with this infusion, you’ll need never worry. Thyme is a somewhat difficult flavor to pin down–to me it basically just smells like “Italian.” Sort of an oregano-basil-peppery kind of thing. Mt favorite uses for … Continue reading

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A few cocktails!

For those not in the know, Boston is painfully cold right now. What better way to wile the winter away than some fancy cocktails!? This is how the wife and I managed our evening: Clockwise, we have: A rich chocolate … Continue reading

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How awesome is cinnamon?

Remember this pic from 3 days ago? You can see how it’s already a bit tinted (this is maybe 5 minutes after it’s first shake). Watching this infusion progress has been so entertaining. Held up to the light, I can … Continue reading

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Ginger Infused Vodka (also works as Ginger Infused Rum)

Rum or vodka work for this one. I greatly prefer the vodka version, which can be used as a replacement in most rum drinks you’d want to ginger up (like a Ginger Mojito). I’ve made this vodka a number of … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Infused Vodka

Warnings on this one: straight up it can be very hot in a burny sort of way, while also feeling somewhat astringent and harsh. A sweet (literally!) way to enhance the flavor, smooth out the burn, and make it much … Continue reading

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Waste-free Apple Infused Vodka (warning! must also make pie, or something…)

Growing up in the wilds of western Massachusetts, we had apples. I mean, apples. Seriously, until you’ve seen a beautiful, fulled peak of performance apple tree in full fruitiness, you really can’t appreciate how many apples one might end up … Continue reading

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