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This blog will be expanding

We’re buying a house! Holy crap guys, between a new job, trying to keep up with a photo-a-day project, this blog, and the stress-bomb that is buying a home, I’m stretched pretty thin. However, here are some exciting bits: It … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Infused Vodka

Actual conversation (as I leave Trader Joe’s and join my wife who just finished at the drug store): Wife: Get everything you needed? Me: Yes. Oh, and I accidentally bought a pumpkin. Wife: What? Me: LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS. … Continue reading

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Rhubarb infused vodka

Poor photo aside, I’m pretty sure growing up rhubarb was pretty much the only thing my mom could grow (along with zucchini). Basically a weed, the mega tart stalk is a well-known partner for strawberries. What’s less well known is … Continue reading

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Some not-so-simple Syrups: Black Pepper, Star Anise, & Clove,

Infusing simple syrups is a great way to combine your sweetener with a little flavor. As you might remember, I posted general instructions on simple syrups some time ago. Generally, the heat of the boiling sugar means letting it cool … Continue reading

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Grapefruit Infused Vodka

Be very careful not to get any of the inner white pith in your peels—the zest has a touch of bitterness on its own. Components 2 large grapefruits, preferably ruby red 3 cups vodka Instructions Using a vegetable peeler, peel … Continue reading

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Ze Black Pepper, Bane of English Lit Nerds Everywhere

Warning: if you were an English major use special caution with this infusion. My wife and one of my best friends *really* liked this infusion, perhaps too much. Unfortunately, they both read this thing and therefore it’s probably wise to … Continue reading

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