This blog will be expanding

We’re buying a house! Holy crap guys, between a new job, trying to keep up with a photo-a-day project, this blog, and the stress-bomb that is buying a home, I’m stretched pretty thin. However, here are some exciting bits:

  • It has a huge (for the Boston area), south-facing yard. So much gardening, fruit trees, a raspberry patch, and MORE.
  • I’m going to finally take up home brewing. Since the addition of hops into a beer is one of the original forms of infusing, I will be detailing things here.
  • More space and better indoor lighting in general. It will be MUCH easier to take good photographs.
  • Finally, it’s also in a somewhat more rural area, where I’ll have much better access to the wilderness and parks, AND now that we have a car we can venture out–we’ll be including more local and wild ingredients moving forward.

Another fun element of this all is preparing for the move. When my wife and I got married last October, we literally infused more than 5 gallons of vodka for the after-party. What I hadn’t quite planned on was most of us already being rather intoxicated from the main reception. On the plus, this left us with an abundance of infusions that have carried us well these past six months. But, with moving day less than 3 weeks away I’m trying quite hard to finish off the infusions that are on the low end. Therefore! Enter, the table:

booz. Photo by Michael Paydos,, 2011


We’ve got work to do.


About Dazed & Infused

Failed science major turned to creative writing which led to a job as a bartender hack turned mixologist turned book editor turned writer who then went on to the world of International Corporate Communications. This is a bit getting back to his roots--that would be booze & science & rambling.
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  1. Nancy says:

    Recommended Your Site on my blog: and tweeted about it. Love All Your Creations!

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