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Strawberry Gin-Gin

Just the other day I posted about getting some strawberry gin started. After a few days, one shake a day in, and some time for everything to settle, this puppy was ready to go. As the pic shows, the berries … Continue reading

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Infusing flowers

Many flowers are amazingly tasty (some are also amazingly poisonous, so be careful what you might experiment with). I recently posted a nice infusion using the lowly dandelion. Now that I have my own yard space and great sunny windows, … Continue reading

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Strawberry gin? We’ll soon find out!

Last week I picked up a bag of freeze dried strawberries. Pretty much once a day since, I’ve been tempted to crack it open as a snack. However, this is supposed to be booze-bound loot. Some time ago I posted … Continue reading

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Dandelion Infused Vodka

Back to business! This last month has been intense, but exciting. We are in a new house! AND, this first infusion from the house involves one of our first yard tasks: removing some weeds. First, be absolutely sure no pesticides … Continue reading

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