I’ve been infusing for years–vodka, oil, vinegar, simple syrup, other spirits, you name it. While the web has often provided some neat tips and inspirations, I am more often than not left figuring things out on my own.

That’s where this project comes in. Over recent months, I have done more than 300 tests and counting. This site will only present successes, or at least useful things.

I approach everything with a touch of science, and heaping of mischief.

I have a mini photo studio as well, which will be offline for the next few weeks. Once it is up and running I hope to accompany all posts with photos.


6 Responses to About

  1. Jeff Weir says:

    I am going to be doing some infusions as gifts for Christmas (I know I’m getting a late start with some of infusions, but that’s a different story).
    I didn’t want to give people recipes for which they have to buy stuff or stuff they might not have around. One drink I personally do is Manhattans made with sweet vermouth infused with cherries, so in the drink I put the cherry and the vermouth. But, I was thinking of infused the rye (or more likely, boubon) itself. My fear is that people won’t have bitters or sweet vermouth.
    And here’s my question, is there a danger is basically making a Manhattan and putting it in a Ball Jar? I’m also a fan of the “Whiskey Harif” (Google it, but jalapeno-infused whiskey, Campari and OJ), is there any danger in putting the infused whiskey and Campari in a jar (as I assume people have OJ).

    I love the blog, I hope you post some more.

    • Sorry for the huge delay–I am not personally familiar with this, but do a little google research on aged cocktails, which I think might be close to what you were asking about.

  2. Barry says:

    I always keep a mason jar of Manhattans pre made in the freezer just in case. I highly recommend it.

  3. pete says:

    Hey cool blog. You should look in to rapid infusion via nitrogen cavation–a fancy way of saying you can use a whipped cream siphon and nitrous oxide to infuse alcohol in a matter of minutes. It really works!

  4. Karl says:

    Thanks so much for keeping this site! It’s a goldmine of ideas and it’s good to learn the results of your own experimentation. I’ve been experimenting lately with lavender martinis (vodka), and haven’t quite nailed it. When I get it right, it’s my wife’s favorite summer drink. In season, one can just shake your vodka martini vigorously with lavender flowers and a few leaves, garnished with lavender flowers (and maybe a twist and a bit of simple syrup), strain and enjoy! But now I’m trying to make an infusion to carry that summertime moment into the winter.

    I was surprised that you hadn’t discussed lavender yet. I have tried extraction with alcohol (tried one time with everclear, then another time with vodka) and it came off too medicinal. Lately, I’ve extracted with hot water, which tastes smoother, but you can lose the nice iridescent purple that the alcohol method gives.

    Any experience/tips with lavender?


    • Sorry for the delay–started a “new” job 5 months ago and it’s been OVERWHELMING.

      I’ve been meaning to play with lavender and I’ve been worried about the same issues you seem to have faced. I don’t like using lavender in my cooking, so I never bother to plant it (and my farmshare has an herb patch but the lavender is often ransacked). Have you tried using dried lavender flowers?

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