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Cinnamon Infused Vodka

Warnings on this one: straight up it can be very hot in a burny sort of way, while also feeling somewhat astringent and harsh. A sweet (literally!) way to enhance the flavor, smooth out the burn, and make it much … Continue reading

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Blood Orange Infused Vodka

Bloody Orange Bull 3 oz blood orange infused vodka 1 can Red Bull Fill a pint glass half full with ice, add vodka, and top with Red Bull. Garnish with a lime wedge. I’m currently enjoying the model in the … Continue reading

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Lime Peel Infused Vodka (aka Bitter Lime Vodka)

Ahh, limes. Near my apartment, there’s a shop selling a bag of 6 organic limes for around $2. Even with buying 1 or 2 bags per week, I still find myself running to get more. Limeade, sour mix, salad dressings, … Continue reading

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Almond Infused Vodka

I was going to save this until I made a new batch, but it went over so well I thought I would step it up, since even if I started it today, it takes too long overall. Raw almond are … Continue reading

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JalapeƱo Tequila and Homemade Triple Sec: DIY Spicy Margarita Kit

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m currently in a rather intense job-hunting process. Last week reached a bit of a peak–4 interviews! All went well and I have 3 followups already scheduled (the other pending, but looks good). … Continue reading

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RESULTS: Tangerine success!

Hey little boozeangels, I may or may not be on my 3rd drink already, at 8:20! I did go to the gym today, so it sort of evens out. After 3 days of infusing, I strained & bottled the tangerine … Continue reading

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The SuperScience in Making a New Infusion: Tangerine-Infused Vodka

I had hoped to do this with blood oranges. However, after checking FIVE different rather snooty produce markets, I’m still coming up empty. Instead I prowled around looking for something extra pretty. Enter, the tangerines. What the crap is a … Continue reading

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