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Infusing flowers

Many flowers are amazingly tasty (some are also amazingly poisonous, so be careful what you might experiment with). I recently posted a nice infusion using the lowly dandelion. Now that I have my own yard space and great sunny windows, … Continue reading

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Look what’s coming!

I was busy today. Well, as “busy” as playing with vodka can be. I’ll save the blood orange stuff for another time, but since this won’t be ready for about 3 months, it must be revealed: I’m throwing together a … Continue reading

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Infusing water with carbon dioxide: The Sodastream ;)

Between the holidays and multiple interviews, I’m about as frayed as one can get (said as I lay on my couch on a friday afternoon still in my PJs). A few weeks ago I started up a big batch of … Continue reading

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JalapeƱo Tequila and Homemade Triple Sec: DIY Spicy Margarita Kit

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m currently in a rather intense job-hunting process. Last week reached a bit of a peak–4 interviews! All went well and I have 3 followups already scheduled (the other pending, but looks good). … Continue reading

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The SuperScience in Making a New Infusion: Tangerine-Infused Vodka

I had hoped to do this with blood oranges. However, after checking FIVE different rather snooty produce markets, I’m still coming up empty. Instead I prowled around looking for something extra pretty. Enter, the tangerines. What the crap is a … Continue reading

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What to Infuse – Selecting your spirits

What brands and styles of spirits should I choose when infusing? Continue reading

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Introduction to Dazed & Infused – A guide to infusin’ and usin’ liquors

This space/blog’s purpose will be to share my experiments with infusion liquors, as well as some of the mixes my evil henchmen and I have created. We’ll cover ingredient selection, formulas and techniques, supplies, and fun uses. I also hate wasting anything so if ever there is a purpose for leftover/used ingredients, we’ll tackle those as well. Continue reading

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