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Nutmeg infused rum–spice things up!

The Caribbean island of Grenada has a fabulous nutmeg syrup that combines with rum and ginger ale to make their amazingly refreshing national cocktail. Components: 1 cup light rum 2 whole nutmeg pods Instructions: Crack each pod into a few … Continue reading

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Ginger Infused Vodka (also works as Ginger Infused Rum)

Rum or vodka work for this one. I greatly prefer the vodka version, which can be used as a replacement in most rum drinks you’d want to ginger up (like a Ginger Mojito). I’ve made this vodka a number of … Continue reading

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Green Tea Infused Rum or Vodka

I really want to share what I’m drinking right now but I haven’t posted the infusion yet! Alas, it’s not in the cards for today, but here’s something also awesome and will help drive away the winter blues. Either variety … Continue reading

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Chocolate Vodka (Candy!!!!)

You can actually make a rather nice cocoa-sourced chocolate vodka, but this is the easy-peazy way.Also, booze + chocolate?! How can we lose here? First, selecting your chocolate. The nice thing about this is the infusion (more of a colloidal … Continue reading

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Lime Peel Infused Vodka (aka Bitter Lime Vodka)

Ahh, limes. Near my apartment, there’s a shop selling a bag of 6 organic limes for around $2. Even with buying 1 or 2 bags per week, I still find myself running to get more. Limeade, sour mix, salad dressings, … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Make Strawberry Infused Vodka or Strawberry Infused Rum

Strawberries, especially fresh-picked, are one of my favorite things in the world (and not just among foods). All three of the following formulas produce really good results. Fresh Strawberry Infused Spirit This will include the most tartness of any of … Continue reading

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What to Infuse – Selecting your spirits

What brands and styles of spirits should I choose when infusing? Continue reading

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