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JalapeƱo Tequila and Homemade Triple Sec: DIY Spicy Margarita Kit

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m currently in a rather intense job-hunting process. Last week reached a bit of a peak–4 interviews! All went well and I have 3 followups already scheduled (the other pending, but looks good). … Continue reading

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Tastes Like Burning: Habanero-Infused Vodka & Tequila

I have a secret to share. When I was young I really did not like spicy-hot type foods. I believed, and sometimes continue to, that the whole obsession with making things hotter and hotter was just masculine posturing. “Why yes … Continue reading

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What to Infuse – Selecting your spirits

What brands and styles of spirits should I choose when infusing? Continue reading

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