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Sneak preview

Here are four infusions I got started last night: From left to right: 2 quarts of orange infused vodka, 1 quart grapefruit infused vodka, 3 cups intensely sour crabapple infused vodka, and lastly 3 cups of cantaloup infused vodka. The … Continue reading

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Hazelnut infused vodka

Frangelico is yet another popular liqueur that I love in theory, but always have trouble with how sweet it is. Hazelnuts are sweet enough on their own thanks. Thankfully, infusology gives us an alternative. Step 1: Get some hazelnuts Trader … Continue reading

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Dandelion Infused Vodka

Back to business! This last month has been intense, but exciting. We are in a new house! AND, this first infusion from the house involves one of our first yard tasks: removing some weeds. First, be absolutely sure no pesticides … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Infused Vodka

Actual conversation (as I leave Trader Joe’s and join my wife who just finished at the drug store): Wife: Get everything you needed? Me: Yes. Oh, and I accidentally bought a pumpkin. Wife: What? Me: LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS. … Continue reading

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Rhubarb infused vodka

Poor photo aside, I’m pretty sure growing up rhubarb was pretty much the only thing my mom could grow (along with zucchini). Basically a weed, the mega tart stalk is a well-known partner for strawberries. What’s less well known is … Continue reading

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The amaretto sour, very from scratch

For those who read regularly, you might recall I posted the instructions on making almond infused vodka quite some time ago. Then, later on I posted photos of the step by step process of getting starting the infusion. But then … Continue reading

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The Magical Boozeshake

The Boozeshake! More of a spiritual quest than a mix drink, the philosophy behind a proper boozeshake is to completely wing it, then overdo it a bit (perhaps more than a bit). A proper boozeshake should be anything but, and … Continue reading

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