Ancho glad I’m finally updating this?

GUYS. I made a huge veggie chili the other day (househusbands need to stay relevant in this economy). Part of the process for me–whenever cooking up a giant vat of heavily spicy/flavorful anything–is digging through the spice cabinet and pantry to see what borderline too-old ingredients I can chuck in the pot. I divide the pantry like this: front half is for kitchen/foodstuffs, back half (there’s a door there too–hard to explain) is for home brewing and infusing supplies/projects, and the middle half is for all the crap that piles up on top of everything. The middle half is often the biggest half.

I need to brush up on my maths.

Ancho pepper


Pointless story pointed: I found a long-lost bag of DRIED ANCHOS buried under the avalanche of the middle half. You need to try these guys. When fresh they are poblano peppers. When green they are dark dark almost black and they usually ripen to very red. The green ones dry out to look black and have an almost smoky, earthy taste with usually just a hint of heat (this varies dramatically). I’m not as hip to tex-mex cooking, but I think anchos are used in mole sauces. I do know the ground ancho is a great spice rub base for skin-on chicken. Try it!

Anyhow, I crumbled up most the ancho to throw in the chili, but saved one. I combined it with 1.5 cups of vodka and forgot about it for 2 weeks. Except when I remembered about it every few days and gave the jar a shake. The vodka turned a deep rich amber-ish color. The ancho started to look like a horror movie prop.

Then I had some guinea pigs come visit and we did “sipping” shots.

GUYS IT’S LIKE DRINKING A TACO. Have you ever done a shot of taco? If not, your life could be so much happier.

I haven’t tried this in any mixes yet, but I am sipping a small bit right now (I *had* to pour some for the photo below. It’s for science.) Anchos are readily found in Latin markets or any market with a Mexican/Central American section or even just a big variety of ethnic foods. I’ve bought them at Whole Foods as well, but they are mad overpriced.

Also, check out my DIY floor restoration job. Photo by Michael Paydos, 2013.

Also, check out the DIY floor restoration. Photo by Michael Paydos, 2013.


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